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Caring Connections course waiting list signup.

You may sign up here to receive an advance notice of the next session of Caring Connections.  This does NOT guarantee you a spot in the next class!  You will receive notice as soon as the information on the next session is available.  Since the courses have filled quickly, you should register as soon as registration is possible.  Additionally, if a participant needs to drop out, we will use this list list (in order of registration) to fill the spots.

CaringConnections Online Publicity Forum

is an online forum for notifying those interested in events related to Caring Connections.  In addition to sponsoring the Caring Connections course, Caring Connections sponsors or co-sponsors many special events on aspects of aging during the year.

This is NOT a discussion group, so no personal comments belong here.  Questions about use of this Forum can go to  Please see the General Guidelines below:

YES: Any member is welcome to post notices such as:

Posters of upcoming special events at RWV on pertinent issues of aging: legal, medical, financial decisions and conversations with family or agents. Optional: You can also help with publicity: CC Group members can print posters to display on their apartment doors.

Posters of local outside community events with same focus.

Advance Notice of Next Scheduled Series of Classes and Registration Dates and Time. Note: Your membership in this group or status on Waiting List or does not guarantee you a place in the next series. You must re-register.


Requests for Research Resources– See Caring Connections, Resources for Research and Caring Connections section of VSQ Library.

Ideas for future events, Resource recommendations, Conversations, Critiques, Testimonials: please send those directly to CC Committee members or co-chairs and

Asking for referrals or recommendations: See your neighborhood Social Worker for the most up to date list of professional experts in area- Money Managers, ElderLaw Attorneys, Geriatric Care Managers, etc. If you have a good or bad experience with any of those listed, please let
your Social Worker know your thoughts.

Asking for help from fellow residents: Please go to Neighbors in Deed, a group with extensive offerings and people available for assistance.

Membership in the CaringConnections Online Publicity Forum is strictly opt-in.  Those who have already expressed an interest, will receive an email inviting you to join.  Others may join following the directions below.  No one can register you for receipt of the messages without your permission, and you may withdraw or opt-out from the forum membership at any time. The CaringConnections Online Publicity Forum is hosted on the website as CaringConnections. To request to join the CaringConnections forum send an email to:

CaringConnections forum actions:

Once confirmed as a member, you can send a message to all CaringConnections Online Publicity Forum members by simply sending an email from your email account to:

You may reply to the group or to individuals.  Please remember, this is not a place for discussions: use reply judiciously.

To visit the CaringConnections Online Publicity Forum website by browsing go to:

On the website you can browse previous posts of events. If you missed events, many of them will have been recorded.  If so, they will be posted (when available) in the Resources Library.

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