Caring Connections Course Curriculum – January 2020

Complete handouts of the current classes in Navigating as We Age: Changes and Choices will be posted here for you to download onto your computer.  Video recordings may be delayed for editing.  The KEY DOCUMENTS in each class are marked.  Use the posted material for review, making up a class you may have missed, and sharing with others, such as loved ones and agents.

Class 1: Empowerment 1, Overview

Class 2: Legal 101 Part 1 Advance Directives, MOLST, Guardianships

Class 3:  Legal 101, Part 2 Estate Planning

Class 4: Finance 101, Part 1, RWV costs

Class 5: Finance 101, Part 2 , General Finance Background

Class 6: Medical 101, Part 1 Aging and Chronic Diseases, Loneliness

Class 7: Medical 101, Part 2 End of Life Issues

Class 8: Did You Have the Talks? Panel, Empowerment 2

Class 9: Life Ledger, Trading Roles

Class 10: Changing Capabilities- Staff Resources

Class 11: Family Caregiving, Stress, Social Isolation

Class 12: Empowerment 3, Empathy

Class 13: Wrap-up, Next Steps, Celebration Party


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