Caring Connections Online Resources for Research

All links posted  below are referrals only as possible resources for research.  They are not endorsements. The links to web locations will open in a new tab; links to documents will download directly onto your computer into your download folder.


  • Caring for Others – Caring for Yourself  Riderwood’s Resident Services department sponsored this November 13th presentation by Dr. Tova Rubin, who discussed the importance of taking time out for self care as a caregiver for family and friends.
  • Prepare to Care Guide AARP’s planning guide for families.  It includes a great list of resources and many useful checklists.
  • Dying at Home – Washington Post article, February 14, 2020.  Many Americans say they want to die at home.  It’s not always easy to make that happen.

Financial Resources


Medical Resources

Personal Adjustments

Resource Organizations


  • Aging In Place Technology Watch  — This is a listserve for Aging in Place Technology Watch.  It’s a really good analysis of assets and problems of tech for aging population.  One point getting people to start using, but then simplifying the devices so seniors can keep using them as other venues for information dry up.  With confusion setting in for us all in aging process, tech answers with constant updates and notifications just adds to the confusion.
  • Digital home-health solutions targeting seniors — American Well is partnering with Cisco Systems to deliver care through home television sets, enabling them to reach patients who may not be comfortable using tablets or other devices
  • Will you run out of money in retirement?  This commercial retirement savings software was recommended by one of our Riderwood residents.  With is you can test out various assumptions.  It has a free trial  version and then a cost for regular use.  It helps you predict income ( Social Security, Pensions, Defined Benefits, other cash infusions), special expenses and unlimited Investments including tax-deferred, tax-free and taxable. This retirement planning program will help you create plans for those  already retired. Takes account of taxes or all of the life events that will dramatically affect your retirement picture.


All the Riderwood libraries have books relevant to Caring Connections topics.  The Village Square Library has a specific Caring Connections section.  Click here for a list of Caring Connections books currently held in this collection.

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