Chatterwood is an online discussion forum for any and all general topics of interest to residents of Riderwood Village. If you opted in to the current Riderwood Village Resident Directory as a resident of any of the five Riderwood neighborhoods, you are eligible to join immediately and to remain a member for as long as you like. If you did not opt in to the Resident Directory, or if you are too new to Riderwood to appear in the current printed Resident Directory, contact Pam Silverwood ( about membership.

There is no fee to become or to remain a member. The only membership requirement is that you have your own personal email address account with any email account provider. To ensure that the topics and announcements on Chatterwood are limited to those wanted by Riderwood residents, no official of any non-resident entity, public or private, commercial or non-profit, will be permitted to join.

Residents are permitted to post announcements of any and all on-campus events — and personal items or services, for sale or sharing, that are provided directly from one resident to another. All other commercial solicitation is prohibited.

Membership in Chatterwood is strictly opt-in. No one can register you for receipt of Chatterwood messages without your permission, and you may withdraw or opt-out from Chatterwood membership at any time.  Send your request to join the group to:

Once confirmed as a member, you can send a message to all Chatterwood members by just sending an email from your email account to:


To change to digest form (all emails are batched and send in one message each day) once you have become a member of the group, just send a blank message to:

to visit the Chatterwood website by browsing go to:

Click HERE to view the Chatterwood information sheet

For more information: Chatterwood is an independent service provided by and for the residents of Riderwood. It is not part of the website and it is not organized or run by the Computer Club, which manages  Contact Pam Silverwood or David Hack, Chatterwood owner and moderator, at: or


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