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Email or Call the Riderwood TV Team

Manager – Chris Taydus – 301-572-8328

TV Production Coordinator – Avedis Aghguiguian – 301-572-8457

TV Coordinator/Riderwood Reporter Chief Editor – Robyn Hutson – 301-572-8399 ext. 606-2077


Community Television is a source of information for Riderwood; a tool for communication and outreach – one designed for the purpose of connecting residents and staff, and for supporting and fostering a confluent community.

But Riderwood TV is more than just information.  We’re also an outlet for creativity and a showcase for the wealth of talent and experience right here at Riderwood.

Above all, Riderwood TV is your television station.  Our programming and operations are resident-driven; Riderwood residents are involved in all stages of program creation, from conception to production.

Riderwood TV can be found on Channel 972 and for our uninterrupted TV Bulletin Board, tune in 24/7 to channel 974.

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