Democratic Club


August 2019 Newsletter


Democratic Club of Riderwood


The Democratic Club will meet next on

November 20, 2019.


Everyone is Welcome!


Join the Democratic Club 2019-20 – click here for form

Officers of Democratic Club – 2019


Mike Miller President
Angela Miotto Vice President
Trudy Downs Treasurer
Sylvia Raphael Program Chair
Trudy Downs Membership Chair
Janet Rochlin Prince George’s Rep
Gail Greenberg Montomery County Rep
Phyllis Bloom Program Team
Ed Greenberg Proigram Team
Ellen Ollendorf Program Team
Marilyn Tublin Membership/Outreach
Program Support
 Vacant Secretary
 Vacant State Level Observer
 Vacant Member at Large
 Vacant Research Chair



For additional information contact Mike Miller at or 301-273-0914.




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