Friends of Habitat for Humanity at Riderwood Village


Sign up as a Friend of Habitat for Humanity at Riderwood Village (“Friends” for short) and Contribute Your Talents. (Contact Eileen Kyle – see resident directory for telephone number)

Our Mission:  The Friends of Habitat for Humanity at Riderwood partners with local Habitat for Humanity (HfH) affiliates to enable low-income  working families to purchase simple, decent, and affordable homes in Montgomery County and Washington, DC.  We support HfH in several ways:

* Assist in construction of new houses and reconstruction of existing houses

* Provide office support (e.g. envelope-stuffing of mass-mailings)

* Work in the ReStore — HfH’s equivalent of Goodwill

* Welcome new homeowners of HfH houses

* Contribute funds to Habitat for Humanity-Montgomery County (HfH-MC)

For more information on Friends or to volunteer contact:  Eileen Kyle – phone 301-326-1863, or email

Curious?  Read on for details…



Tasks range from light to heavy-duty, and no-talent to highly skilled tasks involving some indoor, some outdoor work.  Riderwood volunteers helped to build and equip two dozen new townhouses in Burtonsville, and are to do the same for nineteen new townhouses in Gaithersburg.  We recently helped to restore two houses in Montgomery County.  Prospective residents contribute sweat-equity and work alongside the Friends, volunteers from other organizations, and licensed professionals.  Teams of  Friends — including both Riderwood staff and residents — put in two or three work-days over the season, scheduled well in advance.  Friends receive notice of construction dates via cubby notice and/or e-mail.

Light duty at construction site

Light duty at construction site

Riderwood volunteers at construction site

Riderwood volunteers at construction site

Riderwood staff volunteer at construction site

Riderwood staff volunteer at construction site


Office Support:

HfH periodically distributes information  and solicits funds via mass mailings.  Groups of  Friends of Habitat at Riderwood stuff, seal, and address the envelopes manually saving HfH as much as $1200 per mailing over the cost of this service by a commercial firm.  Friends receive notice of envelope-stuffing opportunities by cubby-notice and/or e-mail.

IMG_2775 Envelope-stuffing

Friends assist with Habitat mailing


The ReStore, located less than a mile from Riderwood, receives and sells contributed appliances, furniture, decorations, hardware, and household goods.  Friends of Habitat, on a rotating basis,  contribute two hours a month to assist in sorting, organizing, and pricing items, dusting furniture, and helping customers. Contact:  to be determined


Come to the Friends HAPPYTAT HOUR at the ReStore, across from Target, on March 16, 2106 from 4:00 to 6:00





IMG_3758_exposure IMG_3761 (2)


At the Dedication Ceremony for each house, the new  homeowner receives a quilt made by the Riderwood Quilters, who are among the Friends of Habitat.  To join the Quilters, contact Levern Allen (See Resident Directory for phone number).

Presentation of quilt to new home-owner

Presentation of quilt to new home-owner

New Home Owner

New home-owner at dedication

New home-owner at dedication

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