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Riderwood Genealogy Club

July 11, 2018 10 a.m. In Village Square Card Room

Gen Club Poster 2018-09-12

Report from Southern Maryland Family History Conference

Member Hannah Spalding will give a recap of the Conference and an abbreviated version of her presentation there on the migration of 30% of the population of So. MD to Kentucky during the years 1780-1820

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Sally Koenig, 301-960-9595


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The Riderwood Genealogy Club is dedicated to learning more about our family histories, not only to discover who our ancestors were, but also to learn how and why they came from foreign lands, and how they lived worked and moved about once they settled here.  The Club welcomes both experienced researchers and beginners.



For your benefit you can read the minutes of past meetings by clicking on the link below.

Genealogy Club Minutes


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Members’ Research Interests.

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County Information for the Country
Enoch Pratt Free Library  Maryland Department of Genealogy
Cyndis List
State Censuses – 1774-1945)
Washington DC Family History Center Newsletter
Appalachian American Genealogy.

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Frank Erk, President Emeritus

Sally Koenig, President

Rose Cannon, Vice President

Pat Kral, Secretary

David Nation, Treasurer

Hannah Spalding, Web Page Author

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