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The purpose of this RIDERWOOD LIONS CLUB WEB PAGE is to set forth the latest information on all of our Activities and Projects and associated Lions Club Service Programs. We take pride in the work we do to help the needy and improve the lives of people not only in our own community but around the world as well. We welcome all committed to improving our community and helping those who are in need. Your voluntary efforts are most welcome and appreciated. Enjoy the Riderwood Lion experience.  Those with previous Lions Club experience, welcome! Call Louise Macauley @ 301-586-8198 or Ken Kennedy @ 301-847-1284 for information on how you can help be the key to our success.


Meeting Schedule

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Collection of unwanted Clothes for the Homeless

Collect Stamps For The Wounded

Donate Used Eye Glass and Hearing Aids

Can Tab Collection For Ronald MacDonald Charities

A Personal Contribution

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Special Entertainment Shows

Support for Various Riderwood Programs


Other Lions Club InformationBlack6

Lions International

Camp Merrick

Lions Recycle for Sight

Leader Dog

Low Vision

Outreach Program


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