Acousti-Cats Music Group


Ukulele, Guitar, Autoharp Players, etc. and Singers

Meeting Weekly on Tuesdays

3:30 – 4:30 pm

Encore Theater

For information contact

Becky Hedin in Hampton Square


How we work.

The group selects themes such as ‘Birds and Blooms’ or ‘Colors’ then members search for songs  related to the theme.  The director finds easy versions of these songs and posts them on the large screen in Encore.  Hard copies are also given to members so each can practice during the week.  When we are comfortable playing the songs we invite Riderwood residents and their friends to a sing-a-long program.  These programs also are taken to Arbor Ridge and to Intermissions.

Highlights from 2019

• Third graders at Stedwick Elementary School  learned to play the ukulele.  These kids visited Riderwood in March and shared some of their original songs with the Acousti-Cats.  The Cats played for the students and then the two groups played songs together.   In May some of our ‘Cats’ went to Stedwick to hear the children’s production.  You can see part of their program on youtube.   What a delightful experience for both the children and our group.

Earth Day found the ‘Cats’ leading a sing-a-long with songs that reminded us to think about taking care of our planet.  We led off with the Bill Staines song, All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir.  Gary Hibbs sang The Blue Boat Home and Ed Vilade sang Whose Garden Was This?  which was written by Tom Paxton for the very first Earth Day in 1970.

•  All Aboard was the theme for our May program.  The program included songs about working on the railroad, hobos, kinds of trains, and train journeys.  Robert Ward enhanced Folsom Prison Blues and Chattanooga Choo-Choo with his clarinet version.  Walter Kraus had a harmonica solo in Orange Blossom Special and of course his bass helped the group stay together!

•  After a short June break the group has a jam session playing some very easy songs. Anyone who has a ukulele is invited to tune up and play with the group on Tuesday, June 18 from 3:30 – 4:30 pm in Encore Theater.

                Ready for the 1960’s Sing-a-Long in May, 2017


The Cats and friends with Harry Koizumi on June 23, 2015

IMG_7965 copy

Song Sources

Check out the songs at  These have ukulele chord charts and a little ‘player’ so you can hear many of the songs.

Another web site with lots of songs is Here you can listen to the music being played.  There are no chord charts at this site but you can find some  treasures.


Consider joining the fun.

Do call if you need information.    Becky Hedin, Director


What You Need & Need to Know

All Members

A willingness to try new material and a regular practice time.

A 3-ring notebook.(You might find one in the Treasure Chest.)

Instrumental Players

Your own instrument

If you are purchasing an instrument here are some local stores…do call before going!

  • Chuck Levin’s in Wheaton  301-946-8808
  • House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park  301-270-9090
  • Music and Arts in Laurel  240-568-0600

Ukulele note–the Kala and Lanikai companies have good ukuleles.  You can purchase a soprano ukulele for about $50.00.

Ways to tune your instrument

with a piano

with an electronic tuner ($15.00 or less on

with a computer…one place is

with a app on your phone–Ukulele Toolkit is very helpful.

You may want to have a folding music stand also.

Special Notes

Attendance:  If you can’t attend a regular practice please inform Becky …via phone   or email    or cubby note   HS T19   or via a reliable friend.

Lessons:   On

there are LOTS of how-to-play videos  Explore some of these. (In the Lakeside Commons Computer lab on computer number 16 located near the outside window, you can see  There are also LOTS of books.

About once a year, a  4-5 of beginner lessons are offered to acquaint new people with ways to join in our fun.  Watch the bulletin boards for these.

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