Opera – Film/Video at Riderwood

Opera at Riderwood presents grand opera and classic musicals every Friday at 1:00 pm in the Encore Theater. There is no charge.
Opera Notes is written by presenter Steve Schwartz and provides a detailed summary of the plot and relevant issues for each week’s showing. Opera Notes is available in advance and at the door. Moreover back copies are archived here, see below. For an email subscription to Opera Notes and advance reminders of upcoming performances, email Gene Martin (KC-T12): genemartin36@gmail.com with the message “opera.

The plot summaries for most of the operas shown for this series can be found at the Opera Summaries web page.

(Click on the blue link above to go directly to the Opera Summaries page.  On that page, click on the title and you will get the plot summary).

 Opera 2020 Schedule – click here

March 12, 2020 — Please note that until further notice, the Opera Films and live performances will be cancelled.  Once things return to a normal health environment, we will begin films and performances.  Keep an eye on this space for updates on resuming these activities.





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