RAC (Resident Advisory Council)

Riderwood Village Resident Advisory Council (RAC) is a 9 member resident elected body that serves as the liaison between residents and the Riderwood management team.

The primary function of the Council is to promote the health, safety and comfort of the residents.  The Council works with management toward the mutual goal of making Riderwood a better place to live and work.  The Council advises management regarding the adequacy and quality of their services to the residents, and advises residents regarding the intents of management policy.

Each Council member serves as liaison to the major activities of Riderwood, including General Services, Dining Services, Resident Life,  Marketing, Arbor Ridge, & Medical Center.   As appropriate, the Council will operate as resident ombudsman.  The assignments for current RAC members and their bios are listed here.

Members of the 2019 RAC are shown here

Do you want to see RAC Meeting minutes?  Click here for instructions on how you can see or obtain copies.



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