Riderwood Audiovisual Council (RAVAC)

The Riderwood Audiovisual Advisory Committee (RAVAC)’s role is outlined below. 

Instruction books for Encore theater, the Chapel and classrooms have been developed and are kept up to date. They may be found in each location control room or classroom pedestal.

Click HERE to access the current Encore Theater’s Instruction book

Click HERE to access the current Chapel Instruction book

Click HERE to access the current classroom instruction book

The instruction book for Montgomery Hall will be posted when released.



– Immediate help or problem resolution is available from Community Resources or the front desk.

– Messages of less urgent nature should be sent to RWVAV@erickson.com

-Repeated occurrence of a problem

-Revision of operational documents or training

-Suggestions for new equipment

-Suggestions for operational revision

-Unexpected change discovered in equipment or operation

Your message will be answered by a Riderwood staff person.

– Comments or suggestions about instruction books should be directed to frank.altrichter@gmail.com


The RAVAC is a joint staff and resident appointed committee.

RAVAC CHARTER FOR Riderwood Audiovisual Advisory Council (RAVAC)


Riderwood residents enjoy a wide variety of scheduled events that take place in venues equipped with audio, video, and lighting equipment. These venues include the class- rooms, meeting rooms, music rooms, computer labs, the Encore Theater, Maryland Hall, the Chesapeake Room, Celebrations Room and the Chapel. For the most part, resident volunteers operate this equipment. Maintaining and upgrading the equipment is necessarily the responsibility of staff members. Thus technical support for the proper and efficient use of audio, video, and lighting equipment requires close coordination between resident users and staff members from various administrative units and at several levels. We do not include resident or public use TV sets, Riderwood Connect or its operations, nor any personal software used by the residents or staff members.


The purpose of the Committee is to advise and support the Executive Director and Riderwood staff members in making the most effective and efficient use of Riderwood technical resources supporting resident events including

  1. training for and registering equipment users;
  2. maintaining an email network of involved staff members and resident users;
  3. maintaining and updating a list of operational problems, repairs/replacements needed and completed;
  4. participating in planning for equipment and venue upgrading.


The Executive Director names the members of the Committee which is comprised of four staff members and six resident volunteers, primarily but not exclusively, equipment operators. Additional resident volunteers may work with subcommittees of the Committee as needed.


The committee’s primary functions are to:

  • Develop and maintain a data base of relevant equipment and its operational status.
  • Develop and maintain a list of skills needed to operate specific equipment.
  • Identify, then develop and maintain the training needed to achieve specific skills.
  • Prepare and maintain simple-to-use pictorial materials and check lists for training and to back-up operations.
  • Create and maintain an email list of all equipment users and involved staff , to support scheduling and communications within the committee
  • Support staff efforts to identify usage and maintenance problems.
  • Inform the larger communities of interest about the Committee’s activities and repre- sent their concerns.
  • Prepare and maintain priorities to support joint planning for improvement.
  • Assist the Executive Director in related ways he(she) identifies.


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