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 Arbor Ridge’s  Dining Menu
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Dining Schedule

In Arbor Ridge, all residents are served three meals a day, but you may eat as often and as much as you like. A hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available every day, during the scheduled times shown below. In addition, continental breakfast is available for those who choose to eat earlier or later than the scheduled breakfast seating. Help-yourself snacks are available at all hours.


Assisted Living                                                    

Continental Breakfast:                7:15AM — 10:15AM

Breakfast:                                 8:30AM —  9:30AM

Lunch:                                      12:30PM —  1:30PM

Dinner:                                      5:30PM —  6:30PM

Skilled Nursing OG1

Continental Breakfast:                6:45AM —  9:45AM

Breakfast:                                 7:45AM —  9:15AM

Lunch:                                      11:45AM — 12:45PM

Dinner:                                      4:45PM —  5:45PM

Skilled Nursing OG 2 and OG 3

Continental Breakfast:                 6:45AM — 9:45AM

Breakfast:                                 7:45AM —  9:15AM

Lunch 1st Seating:                     11:45AM — 12:30PM

Lunch 2nd Seating:                    12:30PM — 1:15PM

Dinner 1st Seating:                     4:45PM —  5:30PM

Dinner 2nd Seating:                   5:30PM  —  6:15PM

Orchard Point

Breakfast:                                 8:00AM — 9:30AM

Lunch:                                      12:00PM — 1:30PM

Dinner:                                      5:00PM — 6:30PM

Menus and Dining Options

ABR menu selections are on a five-week cycle that changes during the spring and fall. Menus are posted outside of each dining room. In addition to the regular menu, the daily Chef’s Choice menu, which is available in each dining room, offers more options. Between the Chef’s Choice and the regular menu, you have as many as 12 different entrees at each meal.

All ABR dining rooms have open seating — you may sit wherever you choose. Because many residents prefer to sit regularly at the same table, with the same people, it may seem that seats are assigned. But this is not the case. You may sit wherever you please in any of the dining rooms. Do not hesitate to choose your own seat and table.

Residents are encouraged to come to the dining rooms and enjoy their meals with others; however, in some circumstances residents may be served in their own room. If you would like to have a meal brought to you in your apartment or room, simply notify your nursing assistant. In Skilled Nursing, there is no charge for room service. In Assisted Living, there is no fee for meal delivery if a health condition precludes you from coming to the dining room. Note: Nursing staff is available for residents needing assistance with eating.

If you enjoy visiting other areas of the campus, you may dine in any of Riderwood’s restaurants without additional charge. You will be asked to show your Riderwood badge and/or to give your Riderwood identification number.


Snacks are available 24 hours a day, every day, both for you and for your guests. ABR calls this Refrigerator Rights. You and your guests may go to the country kitchen on each floor and help yourself to the snacks and light fare that you will find on the island counter and in the refrigerator. Snacks include: sandwiches, fresh fruit, pudding, Jell-O, yogurt, crackers and cookies, popcorn, pretzels, coffee, sodas, milk, and juice.

Guest Meals

Family members and friends are welcome to join you at mealtime. They may receive a cup of coffee or soup free of charge, or a full meal, which will be charged to your Riderwood account. Note: Guests who are residents of Independent Living may have their meal-of-the day at Arbor Ridge without extra charge. Staff can arrange seating in the sunroom across from the dining room for a group of up to ten people.

Residents and family members may prepare their own meals or snacks in one of the country kitchens. If you would like to do this, contact Programming staff to reserve a kitchen and have the oven turned on (for safety, each oven has key access or a security code). Pots, pans, and cooking utensils are available at your request.

Therapeutic Diets

All menus are carefully planned to provide the recommended number of servings based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Menus and meal preparation accommodate residents’ various needs, including “regular” diet, “mechanical soft with ground meat,” “pureed,” and “low concentrated sweets.” The dietitian is available to design menus for those residents who need a more personalized meal plan.

Special Dining Events

Arbor Ridge holds several types of special dining events. Residents can enjoy “Themed Meals,” including Çinco de Mayo, Irish Fare in March, elegant dinners, and summer picnics. Special monthly dinners for residents celebrating a birthday during that month feature fine dining and live music. Each birthday celebrant is encouraged to invite two family members or friends. Birthday dinners are usually scheduled on the last Wednesday of each month, except in November and December (when they are scheduled earlier). In the summer, cookouts are held once a week for all dining rooms. And every Friday afternoon, there’s a Happy Hour in the Garden Room, with refreshments and entertainment, at no additional charge for you or your guests.

Riderwood also has the ability to cater private meals for you and your guests. The Garden Room in Arbor Ridge is available for these gatherings, or you may reserve catering areas elsewhere throughout the campus, including private dining rooms and/or classrooms. The Catering Department can give you a full listing of available venues and a menu explaining the choices. Menus must be selected 2 to 4 weeks prior to your event. If you are interested in holding a private party, contact the catering office at 301-572-1300, ext. 606 2020, or go to www.riderwoodcatering.com for information.

Share Your Ideas

Dining Services appreciates feedback from residents and family members. You may drop a note in the “Comments Box,” located in every dining room or speak to your “team leader.” The team leader is available during every meal to accept your comments, resolve concerns, and provide assistance. (Nursing and dining staff take turns functioning in the role of team leader.)

Dining Staff Organization

General Manager: The General Manager of Dining Services has the primary responsibility for the dining experience at Arbor Ridge. This includes a focus on quality of food, service, and nutrition management. The General Manager oversees day-to-day operations for all twelve Arbor Ridge dining rooms and The Glen Restaurant at Orchard Point. All Arbor Ridge staff report up through the General Manager, who in turn reports to the Dining Services Director.

Restaurant Manager: The Restaurant Manager oversees day-to-day operations for all twelve of Arbor Ridge’ dining rooms, making sure that meals are tasty, served on time, and at the right temperature.

Assistant General Manager: Rose Court, Evergreen Terrace, Oak Grove Way and Orchard Point each have at least one service manager, with responsibility for the dining experience and meal service.

Supervisors: Supervisors supervise the day-to-day performance of the restaurant associates and assistants.

Dining Associates: To help foster an intergenerational environment, Riderwood hires students from local high schools as dining associates. They prepare plates and serve meals in the dining rooms. They receive on-the-job training, as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring. Dining associates are non-student, part-time and full-time staff with similar job duties.

Executive Chef: The Executive Chef is responsible for the preparation and quality of food. The chef’s duties are mainly behind-the-scenes, managing the cooks and kitchen staff. The chef also attends various resident meetings to obtain feedback, and conducts cooking demonstrations.

Dietitians: Dietitians are health professionals who specialize in food and nutrition. They help promote good health by determining nutritional needs and developing diet plans. They may recommend a modified diet or nutritional supplements, monitor weight, observe eating patterns, conduct a calorie count, or coordinate with speech therapists for evaluation of a swallowing difficulty. They conduct an assessment of each Skilled Nursing resident during the first week after admission and, thereafter, conduct routine follow up in case nutritional needs change. Assisted Living residents receive consultations by a dietitian if ordered by their physician. Residents, or family members on their behalf, may also request a dietitian consultation.