Billing Questions

Fees and Billing

The established monthly rate schedules for Assisted Living, daily rates for Rehab and Skilled Nursing, and charges for ancillary services are published annually. The latest information about these fees may be obtained in the ABR Business Office.

You will receive a statement each month identifying your package of care and itemizing any extra services that you received.  Your bill will show your previous month’s payment, your current standard billing rate, and any charges for services that are not included in the standard rate (See applicable table, below). If you have a question pertaining to your bill, you may call Riderwood’s Finance Office, at 301-628-3699.

Payment is normally by check, made out to Riderwood Village. You may mail your payment to the address written on the invoice or drop it off at the Communications Desk.  Alternatively, you may use check by phone or automatic, electronic transfer of funds.

The Business Office for  is located on the first floor, near the Communications Desk.  If you have questions about charges, a bill you received, or if you would like assistance in setting up electronic payments or advice about financial matters, you are welcome to call the Business Office Manager, at 301-572-8435.  Note:  You should become familiar with your personal health insurance and direct questions about that to your insurance provider.

What is and is not included in the standard private pay rate?

Assistant Living Includes:


Assistance (per level)

Three meals daily
plus snacks

Basic cable


Weekly housekeeping


Assistant Living does not Include:

Physician services



Lab work


Home Health Aid

Equipment Rental

Wheelchair escort


Guest meals

Salon services

Inpatient Rehabilitation Includes*:


Skilled nursing care

Three meals daily
plus snacks

Daily housekeeping

Lab work


Basic cable


Telephone (local calls)


Inpatient Rehabilitation does not Include:

Home Health Aides


Guest Meals

Salon Services

*Describes typical Medicare Part A coverage.  Benefits vary with individual insurance plans.

Payment for Assisted Living

You will be billed for your Assisted Living apartment starting with the day that you reserve it. Monthly charges are based on an established package-level price schedule with six levels of care (“A” to “F”).  All new Assisted Living residents are granted a “C” level service package and billed for the first month at the current C-level rate. After 30 days, your needs will be evaluated, and any adjustment in service level will be reflected in future billing,

The costs for Assisted Living generally must be borne by the resident, unless you have long-term care insurance that includes an assisted living benefit.  Residents exhausting their personal resources may apply for support from Riderwood’s Benevolent Care Fund.

Residents who require a high level of service in Assisted Living may be eligible for a deduction to their annual federal tax liability for the portion of their standard monthly fee that qualifies as medical care according to Internal Revenue Service criteria.  We can provide general guidance about this, but recommend that you consult a competent tax advisor.

If you came to Arbor Ridge Assisted Living from Riderwood’s Independent Living and later need to move to Skilled Nursing, billing for your Assisted Living apartment will stop as soon as you complete the unit release form and return your keys.   If you moved to ABR  from outside of Riderwood, you may be billed for 90 days or until your apartment has been re-occupied. (Details on this are found in the Resident and Care Agreement, section 7.)

Payment for Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Rehab

Residents of Riderwood’s Independent Living who come to Arbor Ridge temporarily (e.g., for rehabilitation) may retain their apartment, but they are responsible for payment of room charges in RG, in addition to their apartment monthly fee, less the non-occupancy credit.

A stay in Rehab or a short-term stay in Skilled Nursing will be billed on a daily basis. If your admission to Oak Grove Way immediately follows a hospital stay of three or more nights, Medicare Part A will cover 100 percent of the cost for up to 20 days (provided you meet Medicare’s criteria for Skilled Nursing care). Starting on day 21 and continuing through day 100, Medicare still pays part of the cost if you continue to meet their criteria.  The portion that Medicare does not cover may be paid by your secondary insurance, depending on your policy.  Erickson Advantage, and most other third-party payers provide coverage, as long as you are showing improvement from week-to-week and there is a justifiable need that requires the skills of a therapist or licensed nurse on an inpatient basis. Upon discharge from a short-term stay, Medicare Part B will cover equipment that is deemed “medically necessary.”  Private insurance generally covers some, but not all, of the equipment that may be recommended for you.

Payment for Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care

Long-term stays are billed on a daily basis, starting the day you move in.   In most cases, the cost of long-term care is paid from your personal resources, your private long-term care insurance, or other insurance policy, if you have it, or Medicaid, if you qualify.

Residents who exhaust their funds have the option to draw against the refundable entrance deposit they paid when first moving to Riderwood, and may apply to the State of Maryland for Medicaid enrollment after utilizing the entrance deposit funds.  Be assured that we will work with you as you work with us to facilitate your continued residence here.

Payment for Medical Services

Most residents have Medicare as their primary health insurance provider and secondary insurance coverage  (sometimes called “Medigap”) through a private carrier such as Blue Cross, AARP, Aetna, Erickson Advantage, etc.  Note:  The provider of your secondary insurance may require your authorization in order for ABR to bill them.

Charges for the services of Riderwood physicians and other practitioners are processed by the Medical Center. These will appear on your bill under the designation “EHMG,” i.e., Erickson Health Medical Group.  (The resident may not see this bill, as it normally is sent directly to Medicare for payment.)  The fees are set based on the amounts allowed by Medicare, which vary according to the length and complexity of the service.  For questions about fees for medical services, you may call EHMG, at 1-800-360-3851.

For most outpatient medical care, Medicare will pay an amount equal to 80 percent of its approved fee.  Most Medigap insurance policies will cover the remaining 20 percent.  Arbor Ridge will bill you for any balance that is not covered by either Medicare or your secondary insurance.  For mental health services, Medicare pays 50 percent of the fee it sets, and many Medigap policies will pay the full remaining 50 percent. Medicare will not pay at all for some services that are considered preventive or not medically necessary, even if your physician recommends them. We will do our best to notify you in advance of these circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding Medical Center bills or Medicare statements, please

call the Riderwood Finance Office, at 301-628-3699 and ask for the patient representative.

Payment for Pharmacy Services/Prescriptions

If you are in Rehab or Skilled Nursing, your medications are not included as part of ABR’s standard fees.  In Assisted Living, drugs are not included in your monthly fees, and you (or your insurance) are responsible for payment.

Financial Obligations during a Leave of Absence

If you are temporarily away from Arbor Ridge for any reason (typically a vacation or a hospitalization), you are responsible for payment for each day your apartment or room is held for you.

While you are away from Assisted Living, you will be billed at the lowest package level rate (“A”), and you will receive a non-occupancy credit. While you are away from Skilled Nursing, you will be billed at the daily “hold” rate.  For Medicaid beneficiaries who are admitted to a hospital, Medicaid will continue to pay your ABR daily charges for up to 15 days.  Questions about this should be directed to the Riderwood Finance Office, at 301-628-3699.

Financial Matters related to Discharge from Arbor Ridge

If a resident of long-term care chooses to make a permanent move out of Arbor Ridge, a 5-day advance notification (either written or verbal) of this decision is required.  For information about refunding of your Riderwood entrance deposit, moving your belongings, disconnecting phone service, and other move-out matters, please contact the Business Office Manager, at 301-572-8435.

In the event of a resident’s death, family members should direct their questions about financial matters to the Business Office Manager.

Everyday Money Matters

Banking Services

Residents and family members are welcome to use the full-service banks located in Town Center and Village Square.  Several “ATM” cash machines are also located in the Independent Living clubhouses.  For residents in long-term care who receive Medicaid benefits, a fund management service is available upon request.


Residents may enjoy the convenience and ease of our essentially no-cash environment.  In Arbor Ridge, purchases in the convenience store and all Riderwood-sponsored services (such as a haircut or manicure in any of Riderwood’s salons, or a ride arranged through the Transportation Department), and most activity fees may be charged directly to your monthly bill.  If you prefer, you may of course pay with cash or credit card.

Tipping Policy

Arbor Ridge, like all of Riderwood, has a firm policy against giving cash gratuities or gifts to individual employees.  Instead, residents who wish to do so may contribute to the Staff Appreciation Fund.  These funds are distributed among hourly staff during the holiday season.  You may also show your appreciation to staff by donating to the Scholarship Fund for students employed by Dining Services.

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