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Welcome to Arbor Ridge

Below you will find a list of information that will give you a better understanding of Arbor Ridge.


The diets at Arbor Ridge tend to be liberal and the Dining Staff will work with you to accommodate special dietary requests.  Guests are welcome to dine with you for a fee.  We provide a complimentary meal for your first guest; other meal cost will be billed to your monthly bill.  If your guest is a Riderwood Resident, they may eat their meal of the day at Arbor Ridge.  Please contact the Front Desk to inform the Dining Department of your intentions to have guest dine with you.

Personal Care

You will be offered 2 showers/baths a week while you are on Oak Grove Way 2. On alternative days there will be a bedside bath provided in your room. Please talk with your Nurse if other bathing arrangements are needed.

Call Bell System

If you need assistance please use the Call Bell next to your bed or in your bathroom to receive support from the staff.

Laundry Service

Laundry services are available as part of your stay.  The Laundry Staff will pick up your items on Mondays and Fridays and will deliver them back to your room clean and folded. They will also put your name on these items as to not loose your clothing. There is also a washer and dryer available for use on the 2nd floor by the larger Nursing Station. If you do refer to do your own laundry, please let the nursing staff know of your preference.

Private Duty Aides

If you choose to hire a private duty aide to assist in your care during your stay please contact your Social Worker so they can assist you with these arrangements.  The State of Maryland requires specific documentation to be on file prior to the start of the aide.

Programs and Activities

The monthly Programming calendar is available, which will provide you with the schedule of up-coming activities and programs. We encourage you, your family and friends to participate in activities of your choice. If you have any questions regarding the programs or activities, please ask to speak with one of our Programming Staff.

Religious Services

There is also a monthly calendar for the schedule of religious services held at Arbor Ridge. In addition to the scheduled services, a chaplain is available to provide individual spiritual support. Please contact the Arbor Ridge Chaplain for more information.

Interdisciplinary Care Plan Meeting

Shortly after your admission to Arbor Ridge you will receive an invitation to attend a Care Plan Meeting to review your plan of care needs and medical needs. This meeting is generally held about 14 days after admission and is held on Thursdays between 10am-4pm in the Rehab Conference Room on the 2nd floor.  Your family members are encouraged to attend in person or by conference call. For more information please contact your Social Worker.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services are performed Monday through Saturday right on the 2nd Floor. Rehab activity can start as early as 7am or as late as after the supper time. After your initial assessment by the Rehab Team, you will be added to the rehab schedule which is posted at each Nursing Station.

Medical Appointments

Please make the Unit Secretary aware of any up-coming medical appointments so they may add this information to our schedule. The Unit Secretary may be able to assist with these arrangements, such as transportation. If a resident needs assistance to attend an appointment a personal aide will be arranged for a fee unless family members are able to attend the medical appointments.

Advance Directives

If you have Advance Directive forms such as a Living Will, Power of Attorney for Health Care and/or Finances we require copies be available to the Arbor Ridge Staff.  This allows the staff to refer to these documents if needed to carry out your medical wishes. Please give copies of these forms to your Social Worker. If you do not have Advance Directives and would like to complete these forms, please see your Social Worker. We strongly encourage residents to complete these forms when you are able, so your wishes can be honored if you are no longer able to make these types of decisions for yourself.

Beauty Salon

The beauty salon is located on the 2nd floor or our Community Building in Arbor Ridge. Please call 301-572-8332 to make an appointment. Our staff can assist in making sure you can get to and from the beauty shop. The costs of these services are added to your monthly bill with an automatic 10% gratuity. We strongly discourage additional tipping.


Arbor Ridge

Short Term Nursing and Rehab Unit on Oak Grove

What is the short term unit?

Arbor Ridge provides care for residents needing a short-term stay following an injury or illness. (i.e., knee replacement or pneumonia)  This care is provided in a setting designed for those needing only a short stay with defined skilled needs (versus a permanent living arrangement) and is usually covered by Medicare and/or private insurance.

What is a skilled need?

 Medicare and most private insurance have specific guidelines dictating what constitutes a skilled need.  These include:

  • Ongoing need for and evidence of progress in physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy.
  • Nursing Care such as certain types of wound treatments, IV treatments or other medical care (determined on an individual basis)
  • This does not include monitoring of chronic diseases or conditions.

How does the payment work for a short term stay?

 Medicare (and most private insurers) requires that a minimum of three days be spent in a hospital (three consecutive overnights in a hospital floor bed, not an emergency room bed.)  Erickson Advantage, Erickson’s Health Insurance Plan, waives the requirement for the three night stay.

Medicare pays 100% per day for the first 20 days of a benefit period.

  • For days 21-100 Medicare covers your stay except for a daily co-payment which is determined by the Federal Government.  The 2016 co-payment is $161.00 per day.
  • Secondary insurance may cover the co-payment for days 21-100 of the benefit period.
  • Any days not covered by Medicare (and the private insurance) will be billed at the private pay rate of $384 per day.

You will need contact the secondary insurance company to determine their specific benefit amount.  

 If you have not had a 3 night qualifying skilled stay in a hospital within 30 days of admission or you have no defined “skilled need” you are responsible for 100 % of the cost of room and board.

Should you exhaust all 100 days of skilled coverage in your current Medicare benefit period, you are responsible for the cost of your stay.  As of January 1, 2015 the private pay rate is $369.00 per day for a private room.

 Will I always be able to use all 100 days of my Medicare benefit?

  • Most residents recover and are able to return to their homes without using 100 days of a skilled service. Our average length of stay on Oak Grove Way 2 is 26 days.
  • In order for Medicare to continue coverage you must have a documented skilled need as described earlier. There may come a time during your stay here that you no longer have a skilled need as defined by Medicare and as such, payment by both Medicare and the secondary insurance would cease. Normally this occurs when discharge from the unit is imminent.   You will be given a minimum of 48 hours notice when Medicare coverage is to be discontinued.
  • Occasionally residents remain on Oak Grove Way 2 awaiting a transition to an alternate level of care (i.e., assisted living), but no longer meet Medicare guidelines for continued coverage.  These residents are billed at the private pay rate.
  • At other times a resident may have a temporary break in Medicare coverage (i.e., due to their inability to continue therapy or another change in status).  During this break the resident will be billed at the private pay rate and Medicare will pick up once the criteria for skilled need returns.  The break can be for no longer than 30 days.
  • Some residents receive Hospice Care at Arbor Ridge and the Medicare benefit will then change to cover Hospice Services but not the cost of room and board.

When does a new Medicare benefit period begin?

You will start a new benefit period once you have been out of the hospital or rehabilitation facility for 60 consecutive days.

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