Rehabilitation & Short Term Stays


Rehabilitation services are available to all residents of Arbor Ridge at the recommendation of your physician.  The goal of rehabilitation department is to help you regain the level of health and functioning you enjoyed prior to a hospitalization, illness, injury, surgery, or decline in function, and to enable you to be as independent as possible.  Rehabilitation services available in Arbor Ridge include both inpatient therapy for our residents in skilled nursing (Oak Grove) and outpatient therapy for our residents in assisted living (Rose Court and Evergreen Terrace).

Physical Therapy focuses on restoring your mobility – your ability to transfer, stand, walk, climb stairs, etc. – to your previous level.  Physical therapists provide therapy that centers on improving your balance, strength, and endurance.

Occupational Therapy focuses on improving your functional independence in important daily activities like bathing, dressing, and meal preparation.  Our occupational therapists will also make safety and accessibility recommendations for your home.

Speech/Language Therapy helps those who are experiencing problems swallowing, difficulty with speech, and/or impaired memory or cognition.

If you come to Arbor Ridge for a short-term stay in Rehab, you will be evaluated by a therapist the day after arrival (except on Sundays).  The therapist develops a plan of care, which will be reviewed and approved by your physician, and incorporates your goals. Residents can receive one or more types of therapy, depending on their individual need.  Most residents receive Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy 5 times per week, for a total of 1 to 2 hours of treatment per day.

Therapy may be provided in your room or in the rehabilitation gym, depending on your preference and need. Also the therapist will establish a schedule with you to accommodate your preference in regards to the time that you wish to have therapy.  A wheelchair will be provided to you on your first day.  We ask that you use the wheelchair as your means of mobility until your therapist has cleared you to walk without assistance.  Assistive devices (walkers, canes, etc.) can be provided for your use during your stay, once the therapist has determined that you are ready to safely and effectively use the device on your own.  Until that time we request that you ask for assistance whenever you need to get out of bed or up from the wheelchair.

Throughout your stay, your therapists will involve you in the planning for your return home. This planning may include a visit to your home to assess any potential environmental impediments, and it also includes ordering any equipment that is needed.  Insurance covers some but not all of the equipment that is typically needed.  Each week a formal meeting is held with all of the various health care professionals (physician, nurse, social worker, therapists) that provide your care.  During this meeting, your progress is discussed and a determination is made regarding your timeframe to return home.  Your social worker will communicate this information to you after the meeting.

The skilled nursing rehabilitation gym is located on the second floor of Oak Grove Way.  The rehabilitation department is open from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from approximately 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.  The extension to the rehabilitation gym is 2220.  The assisted living rehabilitation gym in is located on the second floor of the Arbor Ridge community building.  The extension to the rehabilitation gym is 2224.

Rehabilitation services are reimbursed by Medicare A, Medicare B, Erickson Advantage, and most third party payers on the conditions that your are showing improvement from week to week and/or there is a justifiable need that requires the skills of a therapist.

The assistant rehabilitation manager (x 2373) and the rehabilitation manager (x 2384) are responsible for the overall management of the department.  Should you have any compliments or concerns regarding rehabilitation please don’t hesitate to contact them.